Will and Kate take turns at the wicket in Pakistan

Cheryl Sanders
October 18, 2019

They later headed to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, founded by Imran Khan, a family friend of the Prince and the current prime minister of Pakistan.

In the evening, they attended a star-studded reception, hosted by British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew, at the National Monument where William, in his first official address, paid tribute to all the people who "endured sacrifice and helped build Pakistan to the country it is today".

UK Prince William has said that he and his wife were fine after their plane aborted a landing in the Pakistani capital Islamabad twice and was forced to return to Lahore due to unfavourable weather conditions.

"Princess Diana was visiting at around the time she was born, which is why she got named Diana", a translator told the Telegraph of Kate's interaction with her.

Duchess Kate looked fabulous in this bright green tunic (above) by Catherine Walker during her royal tour with Prince William.

The couple have spent much of the trip promoting various causes, from girls' education to conservation and climate change awareness as they criss-crossed the country.

In Chitral district - where the Kalash live - floods in 2015 left thousands of families camping in the open just as the cold winter approached.

The verdant, plunging valleys of Chitral have long attracted tourists for their natural beauty and their brush with legend as the home of the Kalash.

Activists have campaigned to preserve the traditions of the diminishing tribe, now estimated to number around only 3,000 people, making them Pakistan s smallest religious minority. They were mesmerised by their culture and enjoyed performances of traditional dances and music by local residents.

The flat, woollen hats, also known as "pakols", are popular in northern Pakistan and throughout Afghanistan, though feather decorations are usually reserved for special occasions.

In addition they tried on chapans, lengthy cumbersome embroidered coats widespread in Central Asia; in addition to a lush woollen scarf for Kate, who snapped her personal share of images through the journey.

Upon their arrival, the couple met with Pakistan's President Arif Alvi and Khan, who had lunch with them at his sprawling office.

According to reports, this was a first for the royal couple as they haven't taken a doctor in their previous tours, unlike Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip.

Prince William expressed his gratitude to the president for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to him and his entourage.

On Wednesday, the royal couple visited a melting glacier in the Hindu Kush mountain range, witnessing first-hand the impact of climate change their trip is seeking to highlight.

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