WhatsApp continues work on dark theme for Android devices

Yolanda Curtis
October 8, 2019

WhatsApp may finally introduce the dark mode feature after testing it for a year now.

WhatsApp users have been desperately waiting for news on a Dark Mode with rumours suggesting that this feature is in development. Go to WhatsApp Settings then Wallpaper and tap None you are done now.

Android users need to be running the latest beta version of Android Q or Android 10. This feature is already accessible on other messaging programs and WhatsApp should ought it immediately. Unlike "Delete for Everyone", this feature will not leave any trace of messages deleted in the chat.

Hidden Muted Status: Hidden Muted Status feature will enable the WhatsApp users to remove muted stories for as long as they want. There were some sightings of a dark mode on WhatsApp but there isn't any confirmation as yet.

When System Default is selected, WhatsApp will automatically detect which theme is used by your Android operating system and set the same theme within the application.

Dark Mode seems to be an important feature for all the major apps, including Gmail, Google Chrome and Facebook Messenger. While one can choose either a pure black or a dark gray background on an AMOLED display to save similar amounts of battery over a white background, most apps are now offering users an option to choose between a white or a black theme.

You'll be able to change the theme under a new Theme page in the settings menu where WhatsApp will present three options; Light, Dark and System Default which will respect whatever the system default now is. Once you tap on Theme Settings, it allows you to choose between the Dark, Light, and System default options.

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