United States hunter killed by deer he thought he had just shot dead

Pablo Tucker
October 28, 2019

A wounded buck is still on the loose after allegedly goring to death the hunter who shot him, Arkansas wildlife officials said Thursday.

66-year-old Thomas Alexander shot a buck with a muzzleloader when he was hunting near Yellville in Marion County, Arkansas.

There was deer blood found in the location where the attack happened, Stephens said.

There was some question as to whether the antler wounds themselves were the cause of death, or whether something else such as a heart attack had killed him, KYTV noted. He was going to be air-lifted to the hospital around 8 p.m. however, he stopped breathing on his way to the helicopter.

Alexander, who changed into alone at the time, managed to name his family sooner than he changed into rushed to a native hospital, where he died, per the file. However, an autopsy won't possibly be conducted according to Stephens.

While Stephens found the incident one of the more weird occurrences in the area, he did say something similar had happened once before, a few years back.

Keith said, "I've worked for the Game and Fish Commission for 20 years, and it's one of the stranger things that's happened".

Stephens reminds hunters to be certain the deer is not moving for about 30 minutes before approaching it.

Thanks to modern firearms, game animals like deer are really no match for human hunters.

Though it's not uncommon for hunters to mistake a fallen deer as dead - experts suggest waiting a half-hour, observing the animal to confirm the kill - it is unusual for the encounter to be fatal.

"[Alexander] may have done that, [but] we just don't know", he told the news outlet.

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