U.S. moves Islamic State prisoners as Turkey attacks Syria

Cheryl Sanders
October 11, 2019

According to media reports, USA forces planned to assume control of several dozen captured Islamic State fighters from SDF camps to prevent their escape. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Wednesday the start of a Turkish military operation against Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria.

With the SDF threatening to abandon its detainee camps in the face of the Turkish siege, U.S. forces have moved to sequester the most risky jihadists.

Trump told reporters at the White House that some of the "most dangerous" had been moved, but he did not say how many or where they had been taken.

We're taking them out and placing them in numerous places, the place it's safe.

US President Donald Trump called the pair the "worst of the worst" in a Tweet, where he also proclaimed the US removed them due to security concerns.

They were said to be captured by Kurdish forces in January 2018.

The accused, El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey, are suspected of operating a four-man Islamic State cell in Syria that sought to abduct and kill Westerners.

British and European officials have said they fear that trials in home countries could prove hard because the offences took place overseas, in Syria and Iraq, and the witnesses and evidence are in those countries.

USA forces are now scrambling to find places to hold other ISIS detainees now in US custody in Syria. It was not clear whether that had occurred or whether they had been taken somewhere else.

They could have been involved in as many as 20 beheadings.

France has handed some French IS fighters over to Iraq for imprisonment. "They are going to be risky and if they were to come back in one batch that would be an enormous resource burden for the authorities to handle, for police and MI5".

"Kidnapping people is illegal, but the question is whether that will be enforceable in the USA courts", he said. "You want these people lawfully handed over".

"An effective return process is the only meaningful way we are likely to hold individuals accountable for the serious and systematic crimes committed in Syria and Iraq".

The peer - who are from London - are in the custody of the American military, according to United States media reports.

Britain revoked the citizenship final yr of each Kotey and Elsheikh - with them complaining that it made it unimaginable for them to get a good trial, with one in every of them saying the beheadings have been "regrettable". "No fair trial, when I am "the Beatle" in the media".

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