Tip Top Poultry Inc. Ready-To-Eat Chicken Products

Andrew Cummings
October 12, 2019

Tip Top Poultry added additional products to the recall list yesterday, according to WFTS-TV.

The company made the decision to recall all cooked, diced or shredded, ready-to-eat chicken products produced from January 21, 2019 through September 24, 2019 with product codes ranging from 10000 to 19999 and 70000 to 79999.

Chicken products sold at several New Jersey supermarkets were recalled because they may be tainted with listeria.

A full list of the recalled products, including their labels, can be found online. "P-17453" inside the inspection mark on the packaging, the inspection service said. These items were shipped to a variety of stores, markets and food institutions nationwide in the United States. It includes chicken salad, pasta, spring rolls, wraps and other products.

A spokesperson for the USDA confirmed that those major retailers are in fact selling products possibly contaminated with listeria, based on the list of labeled products affected by the bacteria. Anyone concerned about an injury or illness should contact a healthcare provider. Symptoms of infection include high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. "In addition, serious and sometimes fatal infections in older adults and persons with weakened immune systems".

It can also cause "miscarriages, stillbirths, premature delivery or life-threatening infection of the newborn" in pregnant women, the news release read. Listeriosis is treated with antibiotics. In some cases, though, people outside these groups can be affected.

Check your refrigerator and freezer.

Consumers who have purchased these products should throw away the food or return it to where they bought it.

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