This popular Google Maps Android feature is now coming to iOS

Yolanda Curtis
October 20, 2019

In a blog entry (by means of 9to5Google), Google says that iPhone clients will have the option to report those accidents, speed traps, and traffic stoppages now as well. Some of these features have been on the Waze app for a while now and since Google purchased that company, it has slowly rolled those features into Google Maps.

Crowd reporting of traffic incidents is an important signal for Google, especially around live navigation, when those incidents can affect safety or commute times.

In addition to that, Google is adding an extra feature, where the users can report to four new types of incidents - construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects on the road (like debris).

Incognito mode: Check Google's latest privacy features Google pushes its privacy story with easier access to privacy controls and incognito mode for Google Maps. That's a distraction that can easily lead to crashes.

The feature is also getting upgrades on Android, with users now being able to report more traffic incidents than before.

Google Maps directions are most used for route guidance globally regardless of the availability of other map applications. If you've been following Google Maps closely, you already know some of these features have been in testing on Android for a while now.

From the new pop-up menu, you'll be able to select to six options: Crash, Mobile Speed Camera, Congestion, Roadworks, Lane Closure, Disabled Vehicle, or Object on Road.

This week, Google added additional tools that reflect real-time contributions from the community.

Currently, it is available in English in the United States and Japanese in Japan for Google Maps on Android and iOS.

The same features proved to be popular among Android users, which is why Google has chose to bring it to iOS as well. It's not only calls that you can make through Siri, but you can send messages using voice commands as well.

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