Supporting Mental Health Week

Henrietta Brewer
October 9, 2019

World Mental Health Day is Thursday, a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

"Poor workplace mental health is often a hidden issue".

Mental Health Week is held from October 6 - 12, coinciding with World Mental Health Day on October 10. Such a report would include: a statement from the individual accountable for the plan, priorities for the next period, data from staff surveys or "mood tracker" results, sickness absence data, engagement in mental health activities or take-up of support, or mental health disclosure rates within the organisation.

Nearly a third (30%) of employers think mandatory reporting of workplace mental health statistics would help make organisations more accountable for staff wellbeing, a survey has found. We will continue to work with healthcare partners and other organisations across Qatar to raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing and to promote an environment where mental health is talked about as openly as physical health, .

He has since gone on to start his own men's peer support group to prevent suicides in Glasgow, and says being able to speak freely at work is key.

Make sure that your employees are aware that conversations about mental health will be kept confidential and would only ever be shared with a limited number of people in extreme circumstances, e.g. if you were concerned that they meant to harm themselves. To help stop that then we all need to feel comfortable talking.

Carol thinks the world of MVES and all that they have done for her. The event focused on reminding people to take care of themselves and encouraged self-care.

Martin Crewe, director of Barnardo's Scotland, said the charity was engaging with its staff across the country to make all aspects of their working life as positive as possible. It applies across a range of conditions, and to people across age ranges - children, young people, adults and older persons.

Manage the Conversation - a three-hour workshop for line managers to give them the skills and confidence to have conversations about mental health. "If it was not for the Mobile Mental Health program set me up with the needed resources, I don't know where I would be today", said Carol.

On October 10, help stamp out the stigma of mental health by wearing your Odd Socks and start the conversation about mental health.

"It's important that in all areas of our lives we are able to say we're not okay, especially in work".

Diana O'Brien, global CMO of Deloitte, and Jen Fisher, Deloitte's National Managing Director for Wellness in United States, suggest five ways for Bosses to reduce the stigma of mental health at work.

"We don't want to push our services on people but we want people to know they can approach us", she said.

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