Spotify Adds Siri Support and a New Apple TV App

Yolanda Curtis
October 9, 2019

Download the latest Spotify release with Siri support from the App Store now.

The update finally gives Apple customers with an iPhone or iPad the ability to use Siri to control Spotify with voice commands. It's a completely free app and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices and can sync news sources between devices that use the same Microsoft account.

Apple and Spotify put their rivalry aside once more as their relationship strengthens even deeper with music streaming support.


The bigger surprise in all of this is that Spotify is also coming to the Apple TV, with a new tvOS app rolling out today. However, it seems that HomePod is yet to recognize the Spotify requests made via Siri. This will allow the users to employ Siri with Spotify. This feature automatically turns on when an Apple running on iOS 13 has the Low Data Mode turned on.

With iOS 13, Siri is becoming more open to services that compete with Apple's own. Users can now ask Spotify to play music through their device, control the app with CarPlay, and control music with HomePod via AirPlay. However, Apple has yet to address Spotify's complaint that it must pay an "Apple tax" to get its app on Apple's store in the first place.

Other items of note that are shipping along with this update include a low data mode, which again ties into iOS 13. It will also track when a song is added to a playlist or when an artists hits a followers milestone.

Spotify has been at odds with Apple for several months now, filing an antitrust complaint in Europe last spring, alleging that it was being stifled by Apple.

Although its UI feels a little uninspired to me, Spotify is a nice addition to the Apple TV for its subscribers. I'm no longer a regular user of Spotify, having subscribed to Apple Music since its launch, but it's good to see Spotify get access to features that make it more competitive with Apple Music.

Next, Spotify has redesigned its iPad app to take advantage of the device's wider display.

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