Shots lower chance of contracting flu — CDC

Henrietta Brewer
October 10, 2019

If you do become sick with the flu, it is important to stay home and rest, officials say.

With the flu season right around the corner, IU South Bend's Health and Wellness Center is prepared to help students and faculty fight off the flu this season. Learn why this correlates. Looking at how bad a flu season was in Australia, which has winter when the United States has its summer, is not necessarily predictive of what the flu season will be like in the US, Jernigan said. Stefani also got her annual flu shot during the doctors visit.

"We get on our soapbox and remind people that everyone older than 6 months needs to be vaccinated every year", said Schaffner.

'That's why it's vital that we are prepared and always working to offer people better protection. There is actually a higher dose of the vaccine available for those 65 and older, who are more susceptible to the flu and flu complications.

"When the flu shot first comes out, we do have a priority". You can get a shot or get it injected with a nasal spray. People with influenza are infectious to other people for 1-2 days before they feel sick and for 5 days after they feel sick.

Silvernail says most vaccines contain four strains of influenza virus that are the virus' most likely to circulate this flu season.

A new study from Ball State University in IN says the low unemployment rate could lead to the flu being spread more rapidly.

Experts say the vaccine cuts down on how long your symptoms last and it should protect you from the major complications that come with the flu, such as pneumonia. This is because they have compromised immune systems. But it is never too late to get vaccinated even in January.

There has also already been a death this season from the flu, which can predict a particularly bad season.

Lake County Public Health will be offering flu vaccines at the Public Health Division, 922 Bevins Court in Lakeport. In some years, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended children stick with a shot, as some studies showed it was more effective.

Below are some of the locations in southern IL that are offering flu shots. "So I think as many people should get the flu shot". But older adults may want to schedule their vaccination for sometime in October.

It's not a ideal vaccine because there are a number of flu strains that circulate, but it does provide some protection.

The children's vaccination programme has been gradually rolling out to diferent age groups - with last year seeing all children up to year five at school being included. Don't spend time around infected individuals. So, it is a vaccine that does not contain live virus and that can not give you influenza.

Keep in mind that Sickweather uses crowdsourcing and social media to make its predictions, but according to the website, the data is "regularly correlated and validated against available data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)".

Myth: The flu vaccine can cause severe side effects.

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