Security guard fired after repeating slur used against him

Cheryl Sanders
October 21, 2019

A Wisconsin high school security guard is reportedly out of a job after telling a student not to call him the N-word.

The students walked from the high school on Regent Street to the Madison Metropolitan School District's Doyle Administration Building on Dayton Street near the Kohl Center, according to a report from WMTV.

As Mr Anderson told the student to stop saying the word, himself repeating it several times, he says Mrs Talarczyk, who was present, activated her walkie-talkie microphone, allowing other staff to listen in to the interaction. Both Anderson and the teen are black. He says the student, who is black, called Anderson obscenities, including the N-word.

Anderson replied by time and again telling the boy 'Attain now not call me that, ' and repeating the racist slur that had been passe in opposition to him. He said he used it in order to tell a student not to say it.

"My father was called this word, my grandmother, my grandfather and keep going down the family line", he said. She's just trying to set me up.

On Friday, legendary singer Cher offered to pay for any legal fees Anderson may incur if he wants to sue. A number of supporters from the community were in attendance to vouch for the security guard. And I got fired.

Savion is visiting West High School this week Tuesday and Thursday to participate in meetings with the BSU and facilitate conversations to achieve a "sense of justice".

Regarding the current instance of the use of a racial slur, and in applying the position and process used last year and into the beginning of this year, different viewpoints from many facets of our community are surfacing. "We have investigated the incident, and the staff member will not return to West", the statement read.

Anderson has filed a grievance and hopes to get his job back.

He was sacked from West High School in the city of Madison on Wednesday.

"The district just wants to say you can't use this word, period", he told CNN. The Madison teachers union has filed a grievance with the district on his behalf.

She said the college would proceed to examine its zero-tolerance policy 'constantly, ' even supposing they didn't gift whether or now not the coed who passe the slur had been disciplined.

The Principal of West High, Karen Boran, informed parents by email that "regardless of context or circumstance, racial slurs are not acceptable in our schools".

The Boys & Girls Club says their CEO Michael Johnson worked with Marlon on Friday to solidify a leadership role for him.

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