R.I.P. iTunes: The Music Library Is Officially No More

Carla Harmon
October 9, 2019

Another reason to skip macOS Catalina (for now) is that it no longer supports 32-bit apps (only 64-bit apps will run on Catalina). During the installation of Catalina, a warning is displayed about the loss of support for 32-bit apps, but this has not stopped some users from being caught out. This will enable users to get insights on how much time they're spending with apps and websites. The new Mac operating system makes some deep changes, which means that at least a handful of apps on your Mac will break.

Want to see which of your apps are still 32-bit?

There's also Apple Arcade here (which is similar to what Google is doing with Google Play Pass), so if you're an Apple Arcade subscriber on your iPhone, you can play all those games on your Mac as well.

On Sunday, macOS Catalina officially became available for download after being first previewed back in June. This update comes with the new software, MacOS Catalina. Sidecar runs on a wired connection so users can charge their iPad as they work, or on a wireless connection for greater mobility, using everything from illustration apps and video editing apps to 3D apps, like Photoshop, Illustrator and ZBrush. Users also shouldn't be too anxious about accidentally updating their Macs either, given that you have to search for the update in the App Store itself. Sound off in the comments. The download is big - around 6.5GB - and Apple said you should probably have about 20GB of free storage space to install Catalina. We strongly recommending identifying the 32-bit apps on your system and reaching out to developers to see if they will create 64-bit versions. These requirements won't prevent you from running un-notarized apps, but they will make it a bit harder and more annoying to do so.

For example, I was able to set a recurring reminder by writing "every other day", which the Reminders recognized and let me apply. If not, get one, because you'll most likely need it during the Catalina setup process and logging into iCloud.

The Find My iPhone tool, once stuck on iCloud.com, finally has a desktop home.

But for anyone who does upgrade, there are new security and privacy options, the introduction of Screen Time for computer usage monitoring, and the arrival of Apple Arcade.

Built with Siri and machine learning, this new feature works so well it found the times my name was mentioned on The Polygon Show by my friend Simone de Rochefort.

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