NYC Teen Becomes First New Yorker To Die From Vaping

Henrietta Brewer
October 9, 2019

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday a 17-year-old boy had died of a vaping-related illness.

The governor's administration says it's received 110 reports from NY physicians of severe pulmonary illness among patients between the ages of 14 to 69 years who were using at least one vape product prior to becoming ill.

According to state officials, the teen was previously hospitalized in early September with a vaping-associated respiratory illness.

The first New Yorker has died from a vaping-related illness. It is affecting our young people.

"Parents have to know, young people have to know: You are playing with your life when you play with this stuff", the governor told reporters.

So far, two dozen vaping-related deaths have been reported in 20 states, including New Jersey and CT.

Meanwhile, the New York State Vapor Association, which represents 700 vape shops in the state, has joined in a lawsuit against Cuomo's ban on flavored nicotine vaping products, saying it's an overreach.

Cuomo said in his statement today, "The President has talked about taking action. I don't know how people have to die before he takes action", Cuomo said at the press conference.

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