Newborn survives after being buried alive in shallow grave

Cheryl Sanders
October 15, 2019

Sirohi was in the process of burying his own recently deceased infant daughter who was born seven months premature at the time he made the jaw-dropping discovery.

"She is stable now but she still has an infection and doctors are feeding her milk every two hours", Mr Mishra added.

A cemetery security guard notified police and took the girl to a nearby hospital.

On Monday evening, when toddler was playing outside her house, Yadaram Sahu lured her, saying he would buy eatables for her, a police official said.

Local authorities say that a newborn baby girl was discovered buried alive in a shallow grave in northern India. The girl has now been admitted to a private hospital.

Of her miracle survival, Dr Anjan stated: "She should be receiving some oxygen when buried within the grave via the pores within the soil which was presumably free because the grave should be contemporary".

'She used her brown fat also known as Brown Adipose tissue, and is a special type of body fat that is activated to maintain core temperature, to survive.

Hitesh told, "My wife had given birth to a stillborn child at a private hospital in Rampur Garden locality of the city".

'She survived despite her platelet count dropping to 10,000 while the normal range is 150,000 and exhibited the character of a true fighter'.

"We took the newborn to a crematorium the place the labours have been digging a grave".

"Once they took the bag out, they discovered a child wrapped in a material".

"At one point I believed that my daughter had come alive". She was alive and crying.

The couple and workers immediately called an ambulance and the police.

Gender inequality is pervasive in India, where a preference for sons has given rise to the birth of millions of "unwanted" girls who often face discrimination in their communities.

According to the police chief, the villager found the girl by accident as he dug a grave in a burial ground for his own daughter.

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