New Tile Sticker, Tile Slim and Pro and Mate trackers launched

Yolanda Curtis
October 9, 2019

But the biggest news here is two all-new products from Tile, called the Sticker and the Slim.

The Sticker feels like the star of the show here.

Of course that means that the Tile Sticker doesn't have a removable battery, instead it's created to be stuck onto something you might want to keep track of and stay put. It's a little less mainstream than the standard Tile but it offers the kind of flexibility that's easy to imagine power users getting a lot of mileage out of. However, it is worth noting that unlike the batteries on Tile Pro and Mate, the battery is non-replaceable. Here's hoping the Tile Community are an honest bunch, though the company claims so far 90% of items marked as lost are recovered. Normally this would be a bit useless but with Tile being the market leader they have a large user base, so if you lose your wallet or keys on a night out there is a moderate chance you might find them through their Tile community.

"Over time we've seen our clients use Tile for a wide range of gadgets", mentioned CJ Prober, Tile CEO, in an announcement.

At the event, Tile unveiled 4 new products for the coming year, the all new Tile Sticker, a refreshed Tile Pro and Tile Mate and significantly trimmed down Tile Slim. Discreet in shape and size, this Tile is still powerful with a longer 200-foot range and almost twice the volume of the previous Slim. The range for this dot is 150 feet or 45 meters and it comes with a three-year battery life. There is also a Tile Mate/Slim combo that has two Slims and two Mates for $75. The new Mate is available only in white; the Pro comes in black and white. It weighs just 6gs and has a slightly-refined by still broadly familiar square-shaped form-factor. After that, you'll have to swap out the battery. The Pro has continued its legacy of durable, reliable a premium design combined with powerful specifications making it the most powerful finder in the market now. But despite its weight loss regime, the Tile Slim still boasts a longer 200-foot range and almost twice the volume of the previous Slim when you want to signal the beep to find your wallet beneath the sofa cushions. Tile Slim is also waterproof and has a battery life of three years. It's priced at AU$44.99.

Tile's new products are available from today from the company's website and at major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Lowe's. Leveraging its vast community that spans 195 countries, Tile's cloud-based finding platform helps people find the things that matter to them most.

The range for both the Pro and Mate have been extended 400 feet (100 feet more than the earlier version) and 200 feet (50 feet more than before), respectively.

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