NBC News Reporter's Son Adorably Interrupts Mom's Live Broadcast

Cheryl Sanders
October 11, 2019

The broadcast cut to a map of the region she was discussing and when the camera returned to Kube, the little boy was gone.

After BBC Dad, it is MSNBC Mom who has taken the Internet by storm.

According to a report by News18, MSNBC News reporter Courtney Kube was engaged in her ongoing news segment when suddenly her son popped up and was captured live!

NBC's Courtney Kube was reporting on Turkey's strikes when her flow was broken by four-year-old Ryan making an uninvited appearance, right by her side.

"Excuse me, my kids are here", Kube said.

The unflappable anchor can be seen continuing her report through smiles while her uncontrollable son vied for a bit of attention.

Shared on MSNBC's Twitter handle on October 9, the video has collected over 2.6 million views - and still counting.

Hey, sometimes you just can't find a babysitter.

The incident also took many of us to flashback, when BBC's Robert Kelly in 2017 was interrupted by his kid in the middle of an interview. "I nearly picked him up and put him on my lap, but I was afraid he would lean back against mic". He was smiling and happy.

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