NASA Sets 1st All-Female Spacewalk After Suit Flap in Spring

Pablo Tucker
October 7, 2019

Overall, there will be 10 spacewalks over the next three months, "a cadence that has not been experienced since assembly of the space station was completed in 2011", according to a tweet by NASA. "The first is Sunday; Koch will go out with Andrew Morgan". McClain herself made the decision and the teams supported her, Koch said.

For the first five of the 10 spacewalks coming up, the Expedition 61 astronauts will be swapping out old batteries on the station's solar panels, work that has been ongoing in a series of spacewalks that began in 2017.

"Oh, my goodness", Morgan said while savoring a South American sunrise as the spacewalk got underway.

The spacewalking pair previously expelled one of the more seasoned batteries and after that, via cautiously giving it to and fro to one another, shepherded the huge unit to a vacant opening on the close by uncovered bed holding the new batteries.

Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan removed three old batteries and installed two new ones delivered just a week ago, getting a jump on future work. At the moment the astronauts aboard need to do another four more spacewalks to complete the transition from the old batteries to the new.

The two women now at the International Space Station, NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, are scheduled to take a spacewalk together on October 21. The two additionally repositioned battery moving apparatuses and relaxed the torque on jolts verifying two nickel-hydrogen batteries in anticipation of the following spacewalk. Of the eight people in that class - chosen from more than 6,000 applicants - half were women, a first for NASA. -Italian spacewalks will be conducted in November and December to fix a key science instrument.

The all-female spacewalk was earlier planned for International Women's Month in March.

"You have the battery", affirmed Morgan.

NASA's Jessica Meir is set to take part in the first all-female spacewalk.

While Koch, who holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University, is a natural choice for the battery replacement mission, the operation will be the first spacewalk for Meir, a marine biologist.

Koch was supposed to do a spacewalk with another female crewmate in March.

For the upcoming spacewalk, Jessica Meir will also require a medium HUT for her spacesuit. Morgan, who as EV2 wore the suit without any identifiers, has a sum of 13 hours and 33 minutes traversing his two EVAs. Space explorers and cosmonauts have now gone through 1,374 hours and 27 minutes, or 57.3 days, working outside the circling complex.

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