Massive Protest Forces Police To Shut Down Major Vancouver Bridge For Hours

Henrietta Brewer
October 8, 2019

The Extinction Rebellion aims to force the government to declare an "urgent action" on climate change.

The rebellion is being mirrored in dozens of cities around the world, from Dublin to Buenos Aires, in a series of actions that the activist group expects to be its biggest campaign of disruption so far.

"She's now sat handcuffed on the ground with a red mark on her wrist".

With events like extreme weather, thawing permafrost and a sea-level rise unfolding much faster than expected, scientists say the urgency of the climate crisis has intensified since the signing in 2015 of the Paris accord on curbing global warming.

"We came down for the Extinction Rebellion protest which is trying to shed light on the fact that governments are seeming to keep their heads in the sand about climate crisis", said Tal Ponany.

Some protesters have staged a sit-in and police are struggling to move them on.

Demonstrators playing steel drums marched through central London to kick off two weeks of activities created to disrupt the city.

Extinction Rebellion's Toronto chapter said disrupting traffic was a necessary, if inconvenient, tactic.

Among those arrested was 81-year-old Sarah Lasenby, a retired social worker from Oxford.

Parliament Square was empty of traffic except for police vans, bicycles and rickshaws carrying tourists, while costumed protesters walked up Whitehall, and a hearse was used to block the road at Trafalgar Square.

By 3pm, the Metropolitan Police said 148 people had been arrested in connection with the protests.

A few hundred other protesters have camped out in 40 tents at the gates of the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition in Madrid. The #BridgeOut event will see a number of activists occupying Burrard Street Bridge, as a continuation of the thousands-strong climate march that took place last month.

The group started by filling the crosswalk when the light was red for oncoming traffic, then intermittently blocked the street during green lights, which prompted some waiting drivers to lean on their horns, or to flash angry gestures at the crowd as they drove by.

Similar demonstrations blocked traffic on Monday evening, causing widespread traffic disruptions. "There's a climate emergency and our government hasn't take sufficient action, really".

Hundreds of environmental activists are demonstrating for more measures against climate change in Amsterdam on Monday morning.

By lunchtime, another 300 people blocked Berlin's central Potsdamer Platz, placing couches, tables, chairs and flowerpots on the road.

Also in Brisbane, at least two people have been arrested on Tuesday morning as around 200 protesters block major intersections in the CBD.

The demonstration went ahead despite the city banning activists from gathering on the road.

He said police had also been stopping and searching activists.

Protester Elle van Zeeland told Dutch broadcaster NOS that the group is "staying here until the government meets its obligations".

The protesters belonged to a climate activism organization named Extinction Rebellion, according to CNBC. Protesters had already set up a camp (above) over the weekend in front of Chancellor Angela Merkel's office and the Reichstag. The group have peaceful protests planned for Westminster from October 7 for around 14 days.

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