Indian selfie deaths: Four drown in reservoir in Tamil Nadu

Cheryl Sanders
October 9, 2019

According to the US National Library of Medicine study, India has the highest number of "selfie deaths" in the world, followed by Russian Federation, the US and Pakistan.

A horrifying story out of India, where family members trying to take a selfie at a dam ended up slipping into the water, resulting in four deaths. Authorities say the lifeless bodies were later recovered and autopsies will be carried out.

The groom, who was taking the picture, managed to steady himself and rescue his sister from the water, which had risen during the time they were there, but the other four disappeared underwater.

"They wanted to take a selfie at this spot on the dam and they slipped", Prabhakar told CNN.

India is something of a hot-spot for selfie deaths, according to an investigation into the phenomenon past year.

"Drowning, transport, and fall form the topmost reasons for deaths caused by selfies". For the most part, this was on account of people being hit by waves or falling out of boats.

Stock image showing a woman taking a selfie.

India has already created 24 no selfie zones along the coast of Goa, with signs on cliffs, popular beaches, and swimming holes in the state, which attracts about 6 million tourists each year.

Indian couple Vishnu Viswanath, 29, and Meenakshi Moorthy, 30, fell to their deaths while taking a selfie in the Yosemite National Park a year ago. The highest number of selfie deaths was reported in India, followed by Russian Federation, the United States, and Pakistan.

"About three-fourth of selfie deaths occurred in males".

The authors note that a significant number of such deaths go unreported in developing nations, so it's quite likely that many countries - particularly on the African continent - may have more selfie deaths, with young people and tourists most at risk.

A trend had also grown in Russian Federation for selfies on top of moving trains.

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