Hunter Biden Speaks Out

Cheryl Sanders
October 18, 2019

"I did nothing wrong", Biden said, after being pushed by the commentators on the debate to comment on Hunter's interview with ABC news.

Though he affirmed his father's assertions that there were no discussions between the two of Hunter's foreign business dealings, he did concede to showing "poor judgment" in working with foreign companies while his father was in office.

In a July 25 phone call, Trump pressured Ukraine's leader to investigate the Bidens.

During the June kickoff of the Democratic debate season, former United States vice president Joe Biden, still a top choice in the 2020 presidential primary race, claimed NATO would "fall apart if he [Trump] is elected four more years", lauding the organisation as the "single most consequential alliance in the history of the US".

"Did I do anything improper? No". Biden responded to those claims elsewhere in the interview, where he pointed to his experience as a board member at Amtrak, the quasi-public American train company, among other ventures.

"Did I make a mistake?" "But did I make a mistake based upon some ethical lapse?"

Trump had ordered the withholding of US military aide to Ukraine unless President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to investigate Biden and his son Hunter, who had served on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company.

Hunter and then-Vice President Joe Biden attend a World Food Programme event in April 2016. While his ouster was sought by many western European nations and the International Monetary Fund, all of whom were seeking to reign in corruption in Ukraine, Shokin was at the time probing Burisma, the company on which Hunter Biden served.

In the new interview, Hunter Biden also said specifically that he didn't speak to his father about professional dealings during a flight they and Hunter Biden's daughter took to China in 2013.

That phone call is the focus of a whistleblower complaint that triggered the formal House impeachment inquiry into Trump.

'Rudy Giuliani, the president, and his thugs have already proven that they, in fact, are flat lying.

Hunter Biden blamed his father's political opponents, including Trump, for spreading a "ridiculous conspiracy theory". He added that he's "proud" of what his son had to say. "Not in any way whatsoever".

"We've been sucked into the internal politics of the United States, which we want to stay away from", Prystaiko said. "The reason I'm able to do that is because I am absolutely enveloped in love of my family". At a recent political rally, Trump noted that Hunter Biden had been thrown out of the Navy. I never discussed a single thing with my son about anything having do with Ukraine. Actually, Hunter Biden has. I don't think there's a lot of things in my life that [would have happened] if my last name wasn't Biden. "I've gone through my own struggles".

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