HBO to display mental health notices with some shows

Cheryl Sanders
October 12, 2019

Reportedly, some 13,000 people commit suicide every year in Pakistan, and more than 95pc of them suffer from mental disorders.

This is especially true for first responders and healthcare workers, who tend to be "on call" during inconvenient hours.

"Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time and it felt really important to come here today and not just learn about the programme for those sadly suffering with dementia, but also about the effects it can have on their carers and making sure they're receiving the support they need". The result of suicide impacts friends, family and colleagues.

The burden of poor mental health is all around us. Not long ago, the European Commission subscribed to the slogan "no health without mental health", taking on several specific EU-level actions, including in the area of suicide prevention.

This could undermine its importance as a public health priority in its own right; in European Union and Member State policymaking and health system funding, mental health is still not on a par with physical health.

"The short-sightedness of not providing adequate mental health rehabilitation services, from both a human rights and a financial viewpoint, is quite astounding".

It is further revealed that HBO has made this move as a part of the "It's Okay" initiative, with which it wants to raise some mental awareness among the people who could speak out to others and break down the stigma attached to it. "They were also more likely to have left roles for mental health reasons, and valued workplace environments that supported mental health". The coalition will also develop an online platform and digital resource hub for those seeking help or guidance that will launch to the general public in May, Mental Health Awareness Month. "I am proud to be a member of this government that is applying a compassionate eye to making mental health a priority". Though Pakistan has the second youngest population in the world, the discourse around mental health remains extremely limited.

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