Google Pixel 2 series smartphones will also support Google Stadia

Yolanda Curtis
October 20, 2019

Coupled with other recent news that the partially wireless Stadia controller requires a USB-C connection when used it on phones or computers, the "games anywhere" mantra starts to get exceptionally murky.

This clarification, therefore, confirms the inability for users of the Founder and Premiere editions of Google Staff to switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a mobile device (and vice versa) to play streaming titles in the catalog through the Mobile devices in your possession, at least initially, to use this feature, you will need to keep your devices within the same network, the Internet, for bandwidth.

A small disclaimer has been spotted in the fine print of a new Google Stadia video titled "What is Stadia and how it works".

The US based search engine giant Google has announced that the Founders Edition of Stadia, its subscription-based streaming game service, will be released on November 19 this year. According to Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report, our internet connection speeds are now slower than 50 other nations, including the likes of Thailand, Estonia, Bulgaria and Kenya.

The reason for this limitation isn't exactly clear, but Google says it wants to focus on getting TV play right first because it wants the big-screen experience to be as smooth as possible.

Google Stadia is coming but will it work? A large portion of us sit close enough to our PCs that a wire wont be a bothera greater issue on a cell phone screen, in any event. It won't have Bluetooth connectivity (that'll come later, Google promises) so it has to be plugged into your PC or even your phone to play games. You additionally get a gift voucher that enables you to give three months of Stadia Pro to a companion.

At the point when you value it out, the Stadia Founders Pack isnt a awful arrangement. Be that as it may, if youre in it for the accommodation, I think youll need to really investigate how you intend to utilize Stadia before you purchase in. Stadia even supposing is £8.99 a month and most advantageous those that pay £119 for the Founder's Pack will be ready to employ it when it launches on 19 November.

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