Fortnite 'Chapter 2' appears to have been leaked by Apple

Yolanda Curtis
October 13, 2019

An image spotted on the Italian version of the iOS App Store has reportedly leaked the following image, theoretically giving us an earlier-than-scheduled look at the future of the game beyond its current tenth season.

It looks like a whole new map could be coming to Fortnite, along with a rebranding of the game to go with the start of Season 11.

Looking over the leak posted by Fortnite Insider, it seems to confirm previous rumors of a new map and the addition of boats. The listing also had a video tied to it, which you can see some of here. With an entire 10 Seasons on the same map (which, in all fairness, has seen plenty of changes over the years) under its belt, it may be time for the game to start shaking things up a bit.

Here's why there haven't been any teaser images in the lead up to Fortnite "Chapter 2" Season 11.

It would be very surprising to have Fortnite players battling it out on a barren, virtually destroyed map for a few days. Considering the entirety of Fortnite Season X has revolved around nostalgia for the classic map, it makes sense that the current theme would act as a fitting send off for the original play space. Does this leaked image get you excited for the next Battle Pass? Firstly, it appears there is a new map involved, which would be highly welcome considering how Fortnite's competitors offer their loyal fans a selection of maps to battle in.

The Fortnite live event's location is expected to be in the Dusty Depot area.

So, if you're having trouble logging into Fortnite around the time of the event then you can always turn to a streamer to watch it live.

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