Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry tease new collaboration

Carla Harmon
October 10, 2019

He contacted me about doing a charity video with him, which, you know, is going to be good.

After both Ed and Harry took to their Instagram accounts to tease a secret project on Wednesday (Oct. 9), the fruits of their labor revealed the light-hearted, fun clip where Sheeran visits the Duke of Sussex to discuss what it's like for "people like us", referring to the fact that they share the same hair color. "I've long admired him from afar".

"Me as well", Harry replies. For me, this is a subject and conversation that is just not talked about.

Harry explains that there may have been a miscommunication, and then the two address the audience, calling on people to lookout for friends, family and others who may be suffering in silence from mental illness.

The crooner said he was even "trying to write a song about this".

Enthused, Harry said: "For someone with your skillset to write lyrics for a song to raise awareness would be awesome".

In a teaser video on Sussex Royal's Instagram, Prince Harry is seen invited Ed Sheeran into his new home, Frogmore Cottage.

Things come to a head when Sheeran says: "People just don't understand what it's like for people like us - with the jokes and the snide comments". Ed asks when Harry opens the door.

"This is slightly awkward".

The account's followers rushed to comment on the hilarious clip, which was captioned, "Coming soon." and included the hashtag #WMHD, which stands for World Mental Health Day.

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran are cooking something up.

Sheeran, having said he has prepared a song, can be seen deleting the title "Gingers Unite" from his laptop as Prince Harry points out he is talking about World Mental Health Day.

"We're all in this together", he says.

Ed added: "Thanks for watching".

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