Early Voting Protocols Ready in Putnam County

Cheryl Sanders
October 9, 2019

A person is eligible to vote by absentee ballot if they are a registered voter and will be unable to vote at the polls on Election Day for any one of the following three reasons: (1) absence from the city during normal polling hours, (2) physical disability preventing you from going to the polls, (3) religious beliefs.

The advance polls are open from 9 a.m.to 9 p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Absentee voting officially began Monday for the November 5th elections-otherwise known as Super Vote I. Page County Auditor Melissa Wellhausen tells KMA News her office anticipates a jump in both absentee voting, and the turnout at the polls. One that has your name, and one that has your name and address.

When you go to the poll, do not forget to take both your voter information card and identification with you. "They moved and the information didn't get to Elections Canada for whatever reason, or it could be that they're not registered".

If the advanced polling dates don't work for you, you can make your own schedule by voting in person at any Elections Canada office in Canada, at any time before 6:00 p.m. on October 15.

No. To avoid confusion, Elections Canada does not publish the location of advance polls. If you have that, that's all you need.

When you vote by special ballot, your ballot won't have a list of candidates to choose from.

"The election worry-free postmark date is Monday, October 21st", she said. If you live overseas, you can also ask any Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate for the list. Voters must first complete an absentee ballot application.

You may then drop your envelope in a ballot box or, if you're voting by mail, follow the instructions you received with your voting kit and return your ballot to us using the pre-addressed return envelope we provided.

Though 900 people might sound like a lot of employees for one day (it's actually longer, when including training and advance voting), consider a larger location, such as Kamloops United Church downtown.

When it's time to count the ballots, the election worker will remove all the unmarked inner envelopes from their signed outer envelopes. This way, no envelope can be traced back to the voter; this ensures the secrecy of the vote.

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