Colorado governor slams Trump after president says America's building the wall there

Cheryl Sanders
October 24, 2019

"And we're building a wall in Texas", Trump continued, as though he hadn't just bragged about building a border wall in a landlocked state.

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., responded on Twitter with a zing of his own: "Let me repeat: There isn't an elected leader from the state of Colorado who would support using eminent domain to steal the property of our farmers and ranchers to build a medieval wall". "And we're building a wall in Colorado", Trump said, leaving more than a few people scratching their heads. Yet despite being fully surrounded by other USA states, somehow Colorado made it onto his list. "Colorado doesn't border Mexico", Polis tweeted.

A portion of the border wall is being built along the Colorado River in Arizona.

President Donald Trump's boast of building part of the border wall in Colorado is garnering attention in the state, including from the state's governor, Democrat Jared Polis. And we're building a wall in Colorado. "Because they want safety on their border", Trump said during a speech in Pittsburgh.

The problem? Colorado lies well within the United States, though its large southern neighbour New Mexico does border Mexico.

Trump's border wall promise was a main campaign slogan from 2016, and the President recently said his administration will redirect $3.6 billion in Pentagon money to step up construction on the barrier.

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The Senate has been trying to overturn the national emergency that Trump declared earlier this year in order to divert the funding, but after multiple votes has not been able to get enough to block a presidential veto, per the New York Times.

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