Chinese state TV halts NBA preseason China game broadcasts

Yolanda Curtis
October 9, 2019

But the league's Chinese campaign has been overshadowed by the single pro-Hong Kong tweet on Friday night from Mr Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Rockets, who shared an image that contained the words "Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong".

Silver said the League will protect its employees' right to free speech, to which the Chinese government and business community voiced their "strong dissatisfaction". We good now China?

The Global Times, a Chinese tabloid published by the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper, accused Silver of caving in to political pressure, saying the National Basketball Association was treating the Chinese market with arrogant disregard.

In response, Chinese sports, government, and business groups condemned the tweet and moved to cut ties with the Rockets.

At a news conference in Japan - where the Rockets played the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday - Mr Silver said the broadcast cancellation was unexpected, and that a community outreach event scheduled to take place at a school in Shanghai had also been cancelled.

The Shanghai Sports Federation cited Morey's "inappropriate statement" and Silver's "inappropriate position" for the cancellation.

Silver was due to arrive in Shanghai Wednesday for the games. He said he plans to meet with the appropriate officials during his visit.

Morey's tweet caused an uproar from all sides.

"I was once working from someone from Hong Kong, and we went to mainland China, and the person insisted upon washing the dishes in a restaurant ... on the grounds that they [believed] that the people in mainland China were incapable of washing dishes correctly", he said.

A string of key Chinese sponsors have since distanced themselves from the U.S. organisation, including the country's largest sportswear maker and its second-biggest dairy firm.

A Lakers fan took to the Reddit page for the team to start a campaign to support antigovernment protesters in Hong Kong by creating "Stand With Hong Kong" T-shirts to distribute at the season-opening game against the Clippers on October 22. We love our fans there, their passion and intensity they have for our sport, and I think most importantly the game of basketball possesses an incredible power to bring people together.

Despite its dismissive tone about the September 11 attacks, the Chinese Communist Party has used jihad as an excuse to force millions of Muslims into concentration camps where survivors say they have been subjected to torture, slavery, indoctrination, rape, forced sterilization, organ harvesting, and other abuses.

"Apple's approval for the app obviously helps rioters", the article said.

"To the extent that we are upsetting people, I regret that", he said.

"Apple has to think about the consequences of its unwise and reckless decision".

The Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, which has remained largely peaceful and leaderless since arising in June, is making four demands of its government: freedom for political prisoners, direct election of lawmakers, an end to the government calling the protests "riots", and an independent investigation into police brutality.

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