Buttigieg says Warren more specific about 'selfies' than health care plan

Cheryl Sanders
October 18, 2019

He has criticized Warren over her support for Medicare for All and criticized her again during the debate for not directly answering a "yes-or-no" question on how she would fund such a proposal.

The issue was the subject of repeated attacks on Warren at Tuesday night's Democratic debate, with the MA senator again refusing to directly address whether she would raise middle-class taxes.

She has promised to fully cover those costs with her big ideas - a wealth tax, corporate surtax, an increase in the estate tax and the elimination of President Donald Trump's tax cuts.

"Her taxes as they now exist are not enough yet to cover fully replacing health insurance", economist Emmanuel Saez, who worked with the Warren campaign to develop her wealth tax, told Bloomberg.

This may turn out badly for Democrats, however, as the poll indicates that Warren and Biden are now both tied in first place at 23% support among Democratic voters, leading the Democratic field. Factoring in some tax offsets, the government would still be short some $32 trillion in revenue.

According to her campaign, her agenda calls for about $6 trillion in all and her tax increases would amount to $7.3 trillion.

Oh, about $30 trillion - yes, that's trillion with a "t" and not a 'b'. Instead, as she has done throughout her campaign, Warren emphasized that, while costs will go up for the wealthy and corporations, she would not sign a bill that raises total costs on middle-class households.

"She is offering a Medicare for all plan and not offering even close to enough to pay for it", said Kyle Pomerleau, the chief economist at the conservative Tax Foundation.

There's a reason Warren has been cagy on the question - a stark contrast to her approach on most other issues: She is still formulating her funding plan and considering the tax increases proposed by Bernie Sanders along with other revenue-raising options.

Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has yet to provide a detailed funding plan for her Medicare for All program because determining a price tag is hard to figure out, though some health experts have an idea of what would work, reports NBC News. "We know there a lot of different revenue streams".

"Senator Amy Klobuchar predicted Warren's health care plan a" pipe-dream"; Mayor Pete Buttigieg stated that strategy" split" the nation at a time as it had to come together; and Biden predicted it" obscure". "It's fascinating that the person who has a plan for everything has no plan for the single most consequential issue in this election in the minds of the American people across the board".

"I don't want to pick on Elizabeth Warren but this is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous", Biden said Wednesday.

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