Apple Watch Will Have A Sleep Monitoring Function

Yolanda Curtis
October 9, 2019

A Twitter user, Daniel Marcinkowski, has spotted a Sleep app for the Apple Watch mentioned in an App Store listing. Now a screenshot, courtesy of 9to5mac, of the Alarms app is directly referencing a particular Sleep app, which means that it should be well on its way.

There are third party sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch but given Apple's walled garden in which first party apps really do work best, the alternatives have not been great.

Developments on the iOS 13 hint the development of the Sleep app.

We already knew that Apple had been planning to launch a sleep-tracking feature alongside watchOS 6 and Apple Watch Series 5, which is why the launch of the latest smartwatch was met with such lukewarm reception when it was announced after the September keynote. Between an ECG monitor and fall detection, the Apple Watch serves not just as a desirable piece of tech, but a successful medical accessory, too.

At present, Bedtime alarms are set on the iPhone or iPad and aren't included on the Apple Watch, though the Sleep app would likely change that as part of its sleep tracking system.

Potentially, the Sleep app will use the Apple Watch 5's always-on display which allows it to actively show the progress of tracking the sleep. Many have praised its communication and safety features and the Apple Watchs fitness abilities are well executed. This will allow users to set bedtime and wake up alarms on their Apple Watches, something now only possible on the iPhone or iPad. A new feature in watchOS 6 offers "hearing health" to alert users about the impact of noise pollution. Potentially, the Sleep app showing on the App Store could give way for syncing the Apple Watch and a different Apple device again. Since the Apple Watch needs to be on to record the sleep, the battery reminder feature is built for that.

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