According to SpaceX's New Rocket Is the Most Powerful Rocket at Present

Pablo Tucker
October 2, 2019

Speaking into gusts of wind at the SpaceX launch facility in Cameron County, Texas, on Saturday night, CEO Elon Musk talked up the space travel giant's newest innovation, the SpaceX vehicle Starship.

The brand new prototype, Starship Mk1, is predicted to check fly to achieve an altitude of 12 miles in "about one or two months", Musk mentioned, with two way more aggressive exams to observe shortly.

In typical fashion, Musk Tweeted that his Starship project will be the most powerful rocket in history and that the unveiling was taking place exactly 11 years since a SpaceX rocket first reached orbit.

And the expense.' However, at the SpaceX launch pad in Texas on Saturday, Musk told a crowd: 'We need to make space travel like air travel'.

Musk said: "Production version will be a lot more polished than this prototype, but still fun to see". SpaceX founder Elon Musk will be your personal tour guide today.

"I think we should do our very best to become a multi-planet species and we should do it now". The craft is intended for reusable space missions where it will launch, take people to Mars, the Moon, or anywhere else in the solar system they need to go, and then land back on Earth.

Starship is the latest name for the upper stage of what Mr. Musk had been calling B.F.R.

Wearing head-to-toe black in opposition to the backdrop of a moonless Texan evening, Musk unveiled the 165-feet-tall, all-stainless-steel Starship Mk1, a triple-engine reusable area vessel that may fly people to the moon and Mars.

Musk's ambitious timeline to reach orbit may not play out as he hopes.

Once built, Musk believes the rocket could be used for travel on Earth - saying that passengers would be able to get anywhere in under an hour.

Elon Musk shared a short video inside of the Starship's massive cargo bay that has a capacity of over 220,000 pounds.

So far, Starship and Super Heavy have just one flight on their manifest.

The Herculean task of lifting Starship into orbit will be shouldered by a circular array of 37 Raptor rocket engines on the bottom of Super Heavy (there are another six that power Starship itself).

Musk says this reusability is essential in order to increase humanity's presence outside of Earth. Last Sep, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced he would ride Starship on a trip around the moon and bring a handful of artists along for the ride.

But this time a year ago, the site of his speech was just a mound of dirt, and now it's sprouted a suborbital vehicle the company says will fly in just a few weeks.

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