Teen's memory resets every two hours

Henrietta Brewer
September 12, 2019

She can't retain memories for longer than two hours since the incident.

Riley Horner wakes up every morning thinking its June 11th-the day her life changed drastically, WQAD reports.

"I look and it's September and I'm like, "Woah", she told local news outlet, WQAD.

Riley Horner, 16, was out with her friends at a social dance held by the Future Farms of America State Convention on June 11 when she was accidentally kicked in the head by another student who was "crowd surfing".

Despite dozens of trips to hospitals close to home in Monmouth, doctors still seemed baffled as to exactly what is causing her freakish memory loss, her family says.

Riley's mum Sarah Horner told WQAD doctors can't find anything medically wrong with her daughter. "They can't see anything", she said. You can't see a concussion, though, on an MRI or a CT scan.

"My brother passed away last week", said Sarah. She's forced to carry every notebook, textbook, and pencil with her throughout the school day because she can't even remember the location of her locker.

'I am not making recollections, ' Riley added.

"I know it's hard for them as much as it's hard for me".

The Monmouth teen's medical doctors first dismissed her head damage as a concussion and she or he was despatched dwelling with crutches.

In order to keep up with daily happenings in her life, she writes detailed notes and documents things with her cellphone camera. And I am not okay with that, ' Riley's distraught mother Sarah said.

'We want assist. We want any person that is aware of just a little bit extra as a result of she deserves higher. Everything is more complicated when Riley Horner just can't remember.

"I'm very confused. I try to think back and I can't ..." "And I'm just really scared".

And I'm not okay with that, we need help.

Horner carries no acquired knowledge with her at the start of the next two-hour cycle. "And I am not okay with that", Sarah Horner said.

Regardless of dozens of exams and hospital visits, medical doctors are clueless as to what's triggering her reminiscence loss and are not certain if she'll make a full restoration.

Before June 11, Riley was an athlete and a bright student.

Riley said she's coming forward with her harrowing story to reach out to others who might be struggling with similar short term memory symptoms to know they're not alone.

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