Rare full moon to appear on Friday the 13th across the US

Pablo Tucker
September 10, 2019

NASA says the best time to watch the Full moon is Saturday, September 14th at 12:33 a.m.

The full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox is called a Harvest Moon.

Alena Kiel said: "Anyway so my birthday is on Friday the 13th and there's a Full Moon so I guess I'm gonna be extra powerful this year".

You won't want to miss this Micro Harvest Moon.

Onlookers will be able to catch a glimpse of a rare full moon on Friday the 13th.

According to Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Chris Tomer, skies look clear Friday night into Saturday morning.

Around every 20 years, Friday the 13th coincides with a full moon.

In astronomical terms, the moon is considered "full" when the Earth is positioned between the sun and our natural satellite.

Normally, the moon rises around 50 minutes later each day on average.

For example, the moon rises closer to the time of sunset, according to EarthSky, which means the moon rises during or near twilight, appearing as if there are several moons for the peak nights.

"But if you live elsewhere in the country-in the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones-the moment that the Moon turns full comes before midnight on Friday, the 13th".

It is technically just like any other full moon, but because it happens close to an autumn equinox, it has special characteristics. Moving to a dark location with reduced interference from ground-based light will improve the view, and binoculars or a telescope will enhance the observation of features on the moon.

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