Possible Severe Respiratory Illness From Vaping Investigated In Hawaii

Henrietta Brewer
September 11, 2019

That said, it's always better to be safe than sorry, and while Martin Dockrell makes a clear distinction between both countries, many vapers in the United Kingdom also use vaping fluids containing THC.

"It's going to create some hesitation in the market", she said in an interview.

Meaney-Delman said investigators are not yet ready to distinguish between products. We have consistent manufacturing processes.'.

"These are unregulated products, and when you do not regulate something, you don't know what you're getting". "Today's action establishes the legal framework for healthcare providers to report cases and suspected cases so that we can get a better sense of the overall burden of disease in MA".

Cannabis vaporization is gaining popularity as a more discreet way to consume pot and, similar to tobacco vapes, as a less harmful option that smoking a joint. The second theory is that e-cigarettes have always been this risky but that doctors only realised recently where the disease comes from due to vaping's recent growing popularity.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is mandating that health care providers report any suspected cases of vaping- or electronic cigarette-related illness to the state over the next year.

US public health officials are investigating 450 cases of vaping-related lung illness across 33 states and one USA territory.

"Teenagers and young adults are presenting with a cough and a shortness of breath, and with lung disease that is severe enough to put them in the hospital - some of them even needed to be in the ICU, and on ventilators", he said.

Federal health officials say they are looking into more than 450 possible cases in 33 states.

OR health officials said last week that a middle-aged adult who died of a severe respiratory illness in late July had used an electronic cigarette containing marijuana oil from a legal dispensary.

Norman told NBC News: "She had some underlying medical illnesses, but nothing that would have foretold the fact that within a week after starting using e-cigarettes for the first time, she developed full-blown acute respiratory distress syndrome and died". Specifically, health officials are cautioning against the use of THC oil - which can give users the "high" of marijuana - and Vitamin E acetate, which also is oil-based. Lee Norman says he's extremely alarmed.

"E-cigarettes threaten decades of progress we have made in fighting youth nicotine use", said Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot.

For example, the latest survey figures from Statistics Canada show that four in 10 pot buyers say they are shopping at illegal sources - months after Canada legalized cannabis flower, seeds and plants in October. And the long-term risks are still unknown.

She added, 'I threw the last cartridge away.

In the U.S. cases, the main issue seemed to be what was being vaped. "This could hopefully help bolster legal channels", said McCrae, who is Aphria's vice-president of marketing but was speaking on behalf of the council.

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