Popeye's launches "Bring Your Own Bun" after viral sandwich sells out

Yolanda Curtis
September 13, 2019

The Popeye's chicken sandwich took the country by storm last month, selling out in many locations a week after it was released. And you bring your own bun...

Craving the new Popeyes chicken sandwich?

Enter Popeyes' new BYOB (bring your own bun) policy, in which customers are - you guessed it - are allowed to bring their own bread.

The chicken chain on Thursday tweeted a video in which impatient people attempt to DIY a version of the sandwich using the three-piece tenders and random buns, including what looks like one meant for a hot dog.

Popeyes is working to get their sandwich back in restaurants, but they've formulated a way for customers to assuage their cravings in the interim: make it themselves.

So head on out to a supermarket, then go get your chicken!

The chain tweeted: "Try our new BYOB!"

The imitation sandwich will not include pickles or mayo. "Really it's just three tenders..."

However, the Popeyes 'fry-'hards on Twitter weren't having it, posting cries of "delete this" and "damn, y'all are broke". Popeyes also splices in sarcastic slides that seem to taunt the customers, who are just asking for the sandwich, and not another chore. One man in Tennessee filed a lawsuit against Popeyes while another group of people allegedly pulled out a gun on employees after finding out it was sold out. However, they haven't been able to keep up with the demand and it's essentially been sold out for weeks.

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