More Black-and-White Weirdness Unfolds in New ‘The Lighthouse’ Trailer

Carla Harmon
September 10, 2019

All the while, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are engaged in a tense clash of words for dominance, the outcome unknown. He's back, isolating Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse and watching as their characters slowly descend into madness.

Before he dons the cowl of the Batman, Robert Pattinson is set to appear in Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse which is set to come out this October. Shot in black-and-white, the acclaimed Cannes premiere arrived at TIFF this weekend and now a new trailer and poster have landed.

A24 released a new trailer for The Lighthouse on Monday.

The clip begins as Pattinson's Thomas asks Dafoe's Ephraim about the former lighthouse keeper, to which Ephraim informs that he went mad. It's eerie, it's moody, it's weird, and it looks like an exciting follow-up to Eggers' 2015 horror movie The Witch, a movie that also expertly tapped into real historical paranoia to hint at stranger happenings.

This offers much contrast to Eggers' previous effort The Witch, which was more of a look at feminine spaces and sexuality.

In addition to more than 50 filmmakers in attendance for feature and short films from Atlantic Canada, the 2019 Atlantic International Film Festival will also have many other guests travelling to Halifax for the eight-day festival which runs from September 12 to 19.

The second official The Lighthouse trailer will have you uttering, "What?" in response to what you have seen.

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