Malala wins the internet with her iPhone 11 tweet

Yolanda Curtis
September 11, 2019

The entry-level Apple 11 underlines Apple acknowledging the consumer push-back towards high prices of recent iPhones.

According to Thomas Husson, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester, Apple's new range of iPhones is a powerful upgrade to the X edition, eventually leapfrogging competition on performance and on the photo/video experience. But there wasn't any sign of that on Tuesday, where Apple announced big upgrades to its most premium phones at the same price as previous year.

The iPhone 11 comes with a back design that is sculpted from a single piece of glass, featuring what Apple claims is the toughest glass ever in a smartphone.

Apple also announced revisions of its iPad and Apple Watch products, alongside the announcement that its TV streaming service, Apple TV+, will be available November 1st.

Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi says Apple might be using lower prices to welcome people into its services ecosystem.

Meanwhile, adding cautious optimism over Apple Inc.'s latest move to jack up an upgrade rush, analysts of Bank of America wrote in a client note, "These old phones would be candidates for upgrade and we continue to look at fiscal 2020 as a "Trade-in" iPhone cycle versus 2021 which should be a 5G-driven cycle".

On stage, Apple exec Phil Schiller called the mode "computational photography mad science", touting how the system begins taking four long exposure and short exposure photos before you press the shutter button, then takes a longer exposure shot once you do press the button.

This price cut was a big or a surprise, especially given how Apple has been slowly raising the price of the iPhone over the past few years. This means that if you purchase the cheaper iPhone 11, which is the replacement to the iPhone XR, you still get the super-slow, super-outdated, and super-annoying 5W charger.

And finally, the hottest news today is the new iPhone XI Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. They still cost $1,000 and over, but they appear to be superior devices. The iPhone 8's price dropped to $449.

Another poll by National Business Daily showed almost half of 308,000 respondents said they won't buy a new iPhone. Starts at $999 for the 11 Pro, $1099 for the 11 Pro Max, and you can pre-order on Friday and have it available on September 20th. Those feelings didn't seem to change once the products were officially announced. Unlike the name of its biggest sibling, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, its moniker is simple.

The iPhone 11 has a dual camera, which includes a second camera featuring an ultra-wide lens as opposed to a telephoto lens as in past devices. But they're also places where Apple has struggled as of late. Apple aggressively negotiates volume discounts from suppliers, and Bajarin believes Apple saved between $30 and $50 in parts per iPhone this year.

It's true that some iPhone users who crave high speeds may be smart to hold off until next year to get a new phone.

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