Israel Blames Islamic Jihad Drone for Border Tensions

Cheryl Sanders
September 11, 2019

The Israeli army targeted Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip overnight in response to a drone attack from the Palestinian enclave, the military said. The reasons are now being investigated.

The drone fell in the southern Gaza Strip, in the Rafah area. In response, the IDF struck an attack on several Hamas targets, including a two military compounds in Gaza. It "dropped what seems to be an explosive device" near the security fence, damaging a military vehicle before returning to Gaza.

The rockets were fired hours after two Palestinian teens were reported killed in Friday clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli troops on the Gaza border. Also Saturday, Israeli forces apprehended four infiltrators from Gaza, three of them aged just 13.

Many who apply via this process know that their chances of obtaining a permit are particularly low, both because the Palestinian Civilian Affairs Committee considers these applications especially complicated, and because Israel views them as entry applications by foreign nationals, towards whom it has even less than the minimal obligations it has toward Palestinian residents.

A senior leader of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has warned that Hamas will thwart any plot designed by the Israeli regime to target Palestinian refugees' right of return to Palestine. Palestinians have been holding regular mass protests along the fortified border since March 2018. The truce was negotiated by Egyptian and United Nations officials with aid from Qatar to end several severe flare-ups of violence in recent months. The Israeli authorities have been blaming Hamas for Gaza residents' aggressive actions toward Israel.

Hamas declared Israel would "bear the consequences of this crime", according to public broadcaster Kan.

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