House of Commons Speaker John Bercow to stand down

Cheryl Sanders
September 10, 2019

Mr Bercow announced on Monday he would stand down as an MP and as the Speaker at the next election or on 31 October, whichever comes first.

He also said it would be better than after a general election, when new MPs may come under party influence in their choice of the next speaker.

"He has been dogged by controversy about his alleged bullying behaviour, he has undermined faith in politics and there is no intention on our side to nominate him for a peerage", the source said.

That brings us to Monday's debate in the House of Commons, where the MPs were arguing over whether or not to hold a snap general election.

UK Parliament prorogued
The empty chair of the House of Commons speaker after the UK Parliament prorogued

Addressing MPs he said he had made a pledge to his family at the 2017 election it would be his last, saying he meant to honour that pledge.

Mr Bercow continued: "Least disruptive because that date will fall shortly after the votes on the Queen's speech expected on October 21 and 22".

Overnight, Mr Bercow announced he's stepping down from the Speaker's role after 10 years in the job.

In recent months he came under fire for a series of controversial rulings in the chamber which were widely considered to favour Remain supporters.

If Sir Lindsay is successful and is elected as the new Speaker by the House of Commons, it could see dramatic changes to how the Chorley constituency is contested by other political parties.

"This Parliament is stronger for your being Speaker".

Mr Kawczynski said afterwards that it was something the Speaker quite often did.

He added he has "never been in any doubt" about Mr Bercow's desire to operate on the basis that the executive must be answerable to the Commons in the same way as the House is answerable to the people.

Pro-Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, one of the architects of the decision to leave the European Union, summed up the eurosceptic sentiment in a two-word tweet: "Good Riddance".

Mr Kawczynski said: "Without hesitation I will be supporting Harriet Harman to be next Speaker".

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Labour MP for Chorley and now the Deputy Speaker, told the Home Affairs Select Committee in March 2017 that Jewish female MPs "face the worst of it" and that he had personally met several to discuss their security.

Mr Hoyle also paid tribute to Mr Bercow's "dedication and service", saying: "He is a champion of LGBT and BAME rights and we now have a more diverse and representative House than ever before".

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