Google 'Play Pass' subscription to launch soon

Yolanda Curtis
September 11, 2019

Another day, another batch of Android apps on Google Play Store have been found infected by a new Joker Malware. Previously this service was named "ARCore". Dubbed as Play Pass, this service will allow access to premium Android apps and games for a monthly fee of $4.99 or around Rs 360.

Without giving any further details around the rollout, the Google Play account on Twitter confirmed the debut of Google Play Pass.

Today's Tweet doesn't give us a date, but if Google is teasing it, we could see the chance to sign-up very soon.

Though Google doesn't say when, specifically, Play Pass will go live, it's likely we'll be hearing more about it soon. There are a bunch of high-quality games on the Play Store which Google could use in the Play Pass subscription.

Earlier, a leaked screenshot regarding the service was first reported on by Android Police in July, suggested that it may cost $4.99 per month, the same price as Apple Arcade. For example, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Stardew Valley, Max Payne, etc. It's unclear if games included in the service will be completely free of the dreaded in-app purchases, as "entertainment apps" are excluded from the promise of no ads or in-app purchases.

Other initial titles include Bandai Namco's "Pac-Man Party Royale", a new installment in the classic franchise featuring a four-player battle mode; Gameloft's "Ballistic Baseball" arcade baseball game; Sega's "ChuChu Rocket!" Arcade has developers from Capcom, Konami, Annapurna interactive and a lot more. This means that Android users in India might get the subscription service at a distinct price point and with some other premium apps and games that what would be available in the U.S. or Europe. When Google's Play Pass was announced, it seemed somewhat like Apple Arcade which has a similar subscription to offer.

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