Frankfurt 2019: Audi AI:Trail quattro Unleashed - Future Off-Roader - Auto News

Yolanda Curtis
September 11, 2019

This year at Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi will be presenting its final member of the visionary concept auto family. In fact, it might be closer to a Mars rover than an automobile.

Styling is, in a word, spectacular.

The glass surrounding the cabin extends all the way to ground level, providing unrivaled all-round visibility. The entire roof is also glazed and gives a lovely view of the sky and the landscape around it. Mobility and multi-functionality are features of the Audi AI: TRAIL's light sources as well.

The AI:Trail can travel as far as 310 miles on a charge
The AI:Trail can travel as far as 310 miles on a charge

Like Jeep's iconic Wrangler, the windscreen and tailgate open up, with the rear opening proving access to the luggage compartment that also has a second bin accessed through the bumper for wet items.

It sits on 22-inch wheels and 33.5-inch tires meaning plenty of ground clearance -13.4 in- andit can ford through water more than half a meter (1.6 ft) deep. Audi AI:TRAIL quattro rolls on tires that have sensors inside and can regulate their air pressure depending on needs. That is why the body of the Audi AI:TRAIL is made of a mixture of high-tech steel, aluminium and carbon fibre.

With the electric drive system arranged around the axles and the battery in the floor, there is no need for overhanging sections or separate attachments for the motor or batteries. Output is rated at 429 horsepower and 737.6 pound-feet.

In terms of drive hardware, the Audi AI:TRAIL is equipped with four electric motors installed near the wheels, each of which propels one wheel directly. On rough ground, where the nearly constantly elevated wheel slip alone means that energy consumption is higher, the limit is 250km.

Lighting on this concept is pretty cool.

The AI:Trail Quattro, an all-electric off-roader, comes with five drones which help guide drivers through dark conditions, instead of conventional low beams and high beams. They are capable of landing on a roof rack or directly on the roof of the vehicle and docking onto the inductive charging elements.

As well as illuminating the path ahead, the drones can also be used as eyes from the sky, transmitting live video back to the driver's display. The LED lights in the front can be controlled for brightness and can be used for the exterior as well as the interior.

The AI:TRAIL quattro is devoid of screens and boasts a very minimalist cockpit.

Besides these; pedals, the steering wheel, a few buttons, and a smartphone attached to the steering column as a display and control center for vehicle functions and navigation give us the prominent combination of technology and simplicity.

Inside, the front sport seats have four-point seatbelts. In the rear, the two seats are designed like hammocks. AI: Trail also features mobile outdoor chairs that can be taken out anytime you want.

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