Facebook Discloses Real-Time Location Tracking Data For iOS 13 And Android 10

Yolanda Curtis
September 11, 2019

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Also today, Apple released the macOS 10.15 Catalina beta 8 and tvOS 13 beta 10 operating systems, which are now available for download and installation for all registered developers enrolled into Apple's beta software program. Meaning for those who're already utilizing Facebook's background location setting, this replaces might trigger just a few cases where the Android and Facebook location settings shall be out of sync.

What's different with iOS 13 is it's adding a "allow once" function with regard to location data. iOS 13 will also send notifications to users about when an app is accessing your location, and how many times that app has done so.

In its blog, Facebook writes that the platform is "better with location" as it enables features like check-ins, and more dubiously "helps improve ads and keep you and the Facebook community safe".

At Apple's "By Innovation Only" event on Tuesday, the company announced that the next major update to the iPhone operating system will arrive on Thursday, September 19 - just one day before it launches its new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max phones. According to CNBC, the update is created to give users more control over their privacy sharing settings, a move that seemed to specifically target both Facebook and Google.

Android 10 matches Facebook's personal settings, enabling a person to pick whether or not their exact location is seen to Facebook, even when not utilizing the app.

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