EE to exclusively offer Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G in UK

Yolanda Curtis
September 10, 2019

With the revamped Galaxy Fold, Samsung has made the protective layer an "integral party of the display structure", which means new users won't mistake it for screen protector and try to remove it.

The best part is, Samsung has priced this device identical to that of the non-crypto Galaxy Note 10 5G devices. Here are our first impressions.

It's a very different shape to literally every other smartphone on the market. Three rear cameras work together to capture some of the best shots ever taken by a Samsung Galaxy phone, while its front-facing 10MP camera makes for a ideal selfie shooter. The US consumers will have to wait until the end of this month for the device. It promises to offer more details as launch day draws nearer.

EE to exclusively offer Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G in UK

A simple triple rear camera system is positioned in the top left of the rear - similar to the A70 - making sure not to disrupt the pattern, meaning light reflects off the rear nicely. The power key on the side doubles up as a fingerprint reader.

Despite the large display, the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is comfortable to hold and use.

The concept of foldable phones might be a bit confusing.

To pop the Mate X open you need to press a button.

The Samsung Galaxy A90 5G's display is glorious, at least it certainly looked it based on what we could see from our short briefing with the device. Many reviewers had pointed out that dust and debris managed to get under the display through the hinge, causing the display to malfunction.

After months of delay due to major reliability issues, the fixed iteration of Galaxy Fold is now ready to go on sale. That larger screen is flawless for reading, browsing and viewing.

The Mate X has a 4,500 mAh battery and it also comes with a bundled 55W charger that can charge the device from 0-85 percent in 30 minutes. It has a normal Infinity-U Super AMOLED display on the front & a triple camera setup on the back. Configuration-wise, this device doesn't qualify as a foldable phone in the sense implied by Samsung and others who have tried to develop phones that you can bend. The company has not disclosed the orice of the device yet. There's also a weird limitation to stop folks reliving the old Nokia N-Gage "sidetalking" days when you make or take a phone call.

"We've had to make some really high-tech adjustments in how we're going to make this device", said Mark Notton, Samsung's European portfolio director.

Looking forward to the Galaxy Note 10 with the built-in wallet? This wonderful mobile runs on snapdragon 855 chipsets with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal storage.

Samsung provided its visitors at the launch event with a chance to experience the state-of-the-art technology of the Galaxy Note series phones at the designated experience zone. However, there was no mention of 5G or screen replacements.

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