CONFIRMED: Mosquitoes infected with West nile Virus found in Ottawa

Henrietta Brewer
September 1, 2019

The Greek Center for Control and Prevention says viruses from West Nile fever have also been reported in Hungary, Romania, Italy, France, Cyprus, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey.

Seven were collected in Benton County, including in Richland, Kennewick and West Richland. That includes using insect repellant, wearing long clothes and draining nearby standing water.

People are encouraged to take the following precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

Making sure all windows and doors in their home have screens that are in good condition.

"To ensure the protection of family, friends and pets, it's important that residents take the proper steps to eliminate standing water on properties", said Mary-Joy Coburn, the district's community affairs director.

Visit CalSurv Maps for a comprehensive look at this year's West Nile virus activity throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California.

"If planning to spend time outdoors over the Labor Day weekend, apply insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites". They they should have the ingredients DEET, picaridin, PMD, IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus.

"This is typically when we see our first human cases in Montana following the hot drier weather of late July and early August", said DPHHS Communicable Disease Epidemiologist Erika Baldry.

The disease's symptoms are flu-like, including fever and head and body aches.

Drain - Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property such as flowerpots, old vehicle tires and buckets; that's where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

West Nile virus is an infection spread primarily by the northern house mosquito that, in a small number of cases, can cause serious illness. There have been 150 positive tests for West Nile Virus in Ohio.

According to the centre, 35 more people have become infected with the West Nile mosquito-borne virus in the past week.

The disease can appear two to 14 days after a bite from an infected mosquito, she said.

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