Canada election: Justin Trudeau formally kicks off his campaign | FULL

Cheryl Sanders
September 11, 2019

Trudeau told reporters gathered outside Payette's residence, Rideau Hall. "We get to decide what kind of future we want to build together".

Trudeau had a deadline of September 15 to launch the campaign under new time limit rules passed since the last election, which kicked off four years, one month, and nine days ago. There had been speculation Trudeau would call the election as early as this past Sunday or as late as Sunday, Sept. 15, the latest day he could have made the move.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will kick off his first federal election at the helm of his party from Trois-Rivieres, Que.

Later in the day, he will be in Vancouver for a campaign rally with former TV news anchor Tamara Taggart, who is running for the Liberals in the riding of Vancouver Kingsway.

After the meeting, Mr Trudeau faced a barrage of questions from journalists about the SNC-Lavalin story.

Much of his attack arises from a report in the Globe and Mail that cabinet confidentiality is preventing people from speaking to the RCMP as the force considers a possible investigation into obstruction of justice.

The Leger poll - released just hours before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to fire the starting gun today - suggests Jagmeet Singh's NDP and Elizabeth May's Greens were also in a dead heat, competing for a distant third place.

The tensions between Scheer and Trudeau have been slowly building in the run-up to October 21, and the official beginning of the campaign season is unlikely to change this.

It put Conservative support at 35% nationally to the Liberals' 34% - essentially a tie.

By the time the House of Commons rose for the summer in June 2019, the Liberals stood at 177 seats compared to the Conservatives at 95, the NDP at 40, the Bloc at 10 and the Greens at three.

"We've got a tight race".

Yet, 57% of respondents said they want a change in government and 56% said they want a majority government. This campaign will be a relatively short 40 days, or just over five weeks. Canadians are less-engaged in politics than most countries until elections are called. From new limits on third-party and foreign participation, to new measures aimed at boosting accessibility and voter participation.

Carr has secured campaign office space at 751 Main St. North Bay and 389 Whitewood New Liskeard. That means - should each party run a full slate of candidates - they can spend a combined total of approximately $65 million. The 42nd Parliament also had eight independents as of dissolution.

A majority government - one in which a party does not need to rely on support from other parties to pass its bills - requires a single party to win at least 170 seats.

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