Bugatti will release its fastest ever supercar

Andrew Cummings
September 10, 2019

The Super Sport uses the same 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 engine as the top-speed record auto, which delivers almost 1,600 horsepower, as well as the long-ratio gearbox that allows this Chiron to actually reach that 300-mph v-max. Yes, again. There's a few minor caveats to the claim - it didn't meet the minutiae of the record requirements (for good reasons) and it's not really a production vehicle - but to become the first manufacturer to build what's essentially a regular road auto, with a warranty, that can do 300mph is still a pretty big deal.

Bugatti will release its fastest ever supercar

However, Bugatti achieved this monumental feat with a long-tail prototype which is near production-ready but not homologated yet.

The Super Sport 300+ isn't identical to the prototype but it's damn near close. Bugatti, which is part of a larger Group (VW) and with seemingly more resources, has found it hard to beat Koenigsegg to the claim of world's fastest vehicle.

The standard model is black with orange stripes like the record auto, but buyers can have them outfitted pretty much any way they want, because you get what you pay for and they're paying a lot. However, the major visual difference between the top speed prototype and productions are the bespoke black wheels.

At a Saturday dinner in Molsheim, France, before this week's Frankfurt Motor Show, chief executive officer Stephan Winkelmann announced plans to produce 30 of the cars. In its place, host of laptops and Global Positioning System data-logging equipment were included. There's also a cool stacked design for the exhaust tips, as opposed to the Chiron's horizontal arrangement, plus Michelin tires rated at 317 miles per hour. The ride height will be put back to normal, however, and the interior will have a proper passenger seat, so have fun scaring your friends as you launch the Chiron down an unrestricted stretch of German autobahn. Before this, Bugatti Chiron itself has a record of racing at the speed of 420 kilometers per hour. Bugatti hasn't said what the limit is, but it will likely be higher than the Chiron's 261-mph limit. Some reports also suggest that this price includes customer access to the Ehra-Lessien test Track in Lower Saxony, Germany.

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