Britain's Liberal Democrats pledge to cancel Brexit after next election

Carla Harmon
September 16, 2019

The party members overwhelmingly voted to back the position, with party leader Jo Swinson saying the party would cancel Brexit if it wins an election with a majority government, confirming that before an election, they would continue to campaign to stop a no deal Brexit and hold a second referendum with Remain on the ballot paper.

"If the Liberal Democrats win a majority at the next election, if people put into government - as a majority government - the "Stop Brexit" party, then stopping Brexit is exactly what people will get".

He said: "The undemocratic thing would be not to implement your manifesto commitments and we are absolutely clear that we want to stop Brexit and the way we will do that in the manifesto is that we will revoke Article 50".

Mr Umunna lashed out at the left-wing opposition leader as he made his party conference debut as a Liberal Democrat in Bournemouth.

"We still argue for that".

He told delegates: "The Tory right who've taken over that party, they like nothing more than to bang on about incarcerating more and more people who break the law but strangely they think there should be a different approach to their law breaking".

The decision underlines how Brexit is reshaping the country's political spectrum, with the pro-EU Liberal Democrats now at the opposite end to the pro-Brexit Conservatives.

The latest being Sam Gyimah, after he was ejected from the party for voting against the British government on Brexit.

"Unlike the Lib Dems, Labour stands for real change for the many not the few".

Johnson wants to call an election before the next scheduled one in 2022, but has so far been blocked by opponents, including the Liberal Democrats, who say they first want to make sure he can not take Britain out of the European Union without an exit deal next month.

The Lib Dems are hosting their annual autumn conference at the Bournemouth International Centre in Dorset, with the mood of a party on the rise only boosted by Mr Gyimah being introduced as a new party MP live on stage on Saturday night during a colourful rally.

Ms Swinson insisted that neither Boris Johnson nor Jeremy Corbyn was "fit to be our prime minister".

Sir Vince predicted more MPs would defect from major parties to join the Lib Dems, and accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of treating Brexit "cynically".

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