Boris Johnson to visit European capitals to find compromise on Brexit backstop

Cheryl Sanders
September 11, 2019

The EU's new trade commissioner Phil Hogan also said there was "movement on both sides" as the Prime Minister revealed he wanted to look at an all-Ireland solution to issues including agriculture.

A Northern Ireland-only arrangement would mean an all-island regulatory alignment that would see Northern Ireland moving away from the rest of the UK.

The Government denies this is Mr Johnson's intention - and the Prime Minister himself said in Dublin this week he wants the United Kingdom to leave the European Union "whole and entire" - but talk of accepting an "all-Ireland" regime for plant and animal regulations has fuelled speculation this is where the Prime Minister is heading.

THE UK government are investigating the potential cost of building a bridge linking Northern Ireland to mainland Scotland.

Ms McDonald said the stakes are very, very high and North and South are in the situation together.

He said: "The idea that our influence is waning, I think, flies in the face of reality".

Mr Johnson's spokesman denied he was looking to return to the EU's original proposal for a Northern Ireland specific backstop, which his predecessor Theresa May rejected.

"I am an enthusiast for that idea, I'm going to put it out there, I think it's a good idea but again that is the kind of project that should be pursued by a dynamic Northern Ireland government championed by local people with local consent and interest, backed by local business and mobilised by the politicians in Northern Ireland", he said.

"I'm not aware that that is one, but there are certainly a range of solutions to the Northern Ireland border and what's quite clear is we do not want the United Kingdom to be trapped in a customs union with no say on the rules".

Mrs Foster said in a statement yesterday: "The Prime Minister rejected a Northern Ireland-only backstop in a letter to Donald Tusk on 19 August". He said there is nothing new in the Democratic Unionist Party ruling out a Northern Ireland-only backstop.

"History teaches us that any deal relating to Northern Ireland which can not command cross-community support is doomed to failure", she added.

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