Apple Arcade launch date and price finally revealed

Yolanda Curtis
September 11, 2019

At the iPhone launch event, Apple took the time to show off some exclusive titles which would be available on Apple Arcade. Apple is also giving users a one-month free trial at launch. But in a separate press release put out after Apple's presentation, the company announced 15 new games that will debut on Apple Arcade, including a new RPG from Square Enix. Apple Arcade marks Apple's foray into subscription gaming services, after making a name for itself in the mobile games space with the App Store. The game streaming service will be limited to the Apple ecosystem - iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac - and allow subscribers to play over 100 games at launch. The catalog will exceed 100 games in the coming weeks as new titles are introduced, with more games to come every month.

"PAC-MAN PARTY ROYALE" from Bandai Namco, is a brand-new arcade experience featuring a four-player Battle Mode where the last PAC-MAN standing wins.

"Super Impossible Road" from Rogue Games, is a futuristic, high-speed racing game where players master hairpin turns on courses that twist and coil over attractive galactic backdrops.

Monthly pricing for Arcade is set at $4.99, and comes with family access for up to six separate member profiles on a single subscription account.

The Bradwell Conspiracy - Bossa's adventure thriller game. Players use insects, mushrooms and plants to run through the world as quickly as possible or try over and over again to achieve the ideal score.

It's unclear why Apple didn't announce these new titles during its keynote presentation, but these are just a handful of the hundreds of games coming to the Apple Arcade service. This includes Konami's latest take on the renowned Frogger game called Frogger in Toy Town and Capcom's Shinsekai: Into the Depths.

The games will also not feature any ads or microtransactions, which is a welcome change to mobile gamers who are usually inundated with numerous ads everywhere, as well as games that constantly push microtransactions into their faces in order to progress the game they are playing faster. While both demos were played with touch controls, iOS 13 also supports Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

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