Alabama Investigating Five Cases of Lung Disease Tied to Vaping

Yolanda Curtis
September 12, 2019

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 450 potential or confirmed cases of severe lung injury have been reported, including at least 6 deaths, in 33 states and one USA territory.

At a most recent count, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports at least 450 cases of pulmonary disease associated with vaping in half of USA states.

"WellSpan York Hospital has seen an increase in patients in the past two weeks with lung related illnesses that we suspect may be related to e-cigarette use".

Kansas health officials say they have confirmed the first death in that state related to an outbreak of a lung disease linked to vaping.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports lung illness is likely associated with the chemical exposure that is in e-cigarettes.

After testing products, NY has focused its investigation on vitamin E acetate, which recently has been used as a thickener, particularly in black market vape cartridges. Experts don't know what specific vaping products the person used.

Industry leader Juul has recently come under fire for advertising its vaping products as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes, a claim which it has not proven to the FDA.

No particular vaping device, liquid or ingredient has been linked to all the illnesses so far, officials said.

People who use e-cigarettes and experience any of these symptoms are advised to seek medical care right away.

The state has had six reports associated to the national lung disease outbreak, including three which they believe to be confirmed or probable cases. To help gather and analyze as much information as possible, the FDA's laboratory is working closely with our federal and state partners to identify the products or substances that may be causing the illnesses.

'Don't put your self in hurt's manner, and please observe the suggestions of public well being officers'. Symptoms also included lack of breath, tiredness, chest pain and vomiting.

Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA's Centre for Tobacco Products, told the New York Times: "If you're thinking of purchasing one of these products off the street, out of the back of a vehicle, out of a trunk, in an alley - or if you are then going to go home and make modifications to the product yourself using something that you purchased from some third party or got from a friend - think twice".

"I urge Kansans to be careful", she added.

That same chemical was also found in almost all cannabis samples from patients who fell ill in NY in recent weeks, a state health department spokeswoman said.

Officials are narrowing the possible culprits to adulterants in vaping products purported to have THC.

One aspect of this, that Persse said the CDC is looking into, is what's in the vaping substances.

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