Yubico Made the First iPhone Security Key, and We Tested it

Yolanda Curtis
August 22, 2019

Safari doesn't support security keys at the moment, but it will add support for WebAuthn with macOS Catalina. "We are excited about the newest addition to the YubiKey family, the YubiKey 5Ci, as it helps in choosing the best multi-factor option for a mobile-focused workforce", said Akos Putz, Principal Product Manager at LastPass by LogMeIn. In all those instances, you'll be able to plug in the 5Ci into your iPhone, launch the security app of your choice and log in to an online account without ever entering a password.

Today, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today announced the general availability of the YubiKey 5Ci, the world's first security key designed with both USB-C and Lightning connectors on a single device. The final app is the fearless web browser, which allows the YubiKey 5Ci to be used to log into websites. Owners can use it to access Brave-supported websites such as Bitbucket.org, GitHub.com, Login.gov, Twitter.com, and 1Password.com. Third-party developers need to add support for the 5Ci to their apps individually before they can be compatible, according to a statement by the company. It also supports the latest software development kits for XTN and Monkton Rebar apps.

The security device offers support for the iPhone's Lightning port as well.

Authentication with the YubiKey 5Ci is also available over a USB-C connection, which is compatible with almost every USB-C equipped laptop or mobile device, working with hundreds of applications and services listed in the Works with YubiKey catalog today.

Yubico said YubiKey 5Ci can be used along with popular password managers such as LastPass and 1Password straight out of the box.

"The YubiKey 5Ci fills a critical gap in the mobile authentication ecosystem", Yubico's Jerrod Chong says. The YubiKey 5Ci's Lightning connection makes it compatible with all modern iOS devices, and the USB-C connection works with "nearly every USB-C equipped laptop or mobile device", excepting iPad Pro.

Users of iPhones now can finally catch up to their Android counterparts and use a physical security key as a second factor when logging into mobile accounts that require two-factor authentication (2FA).

As for the device itself, Yubico says the new security key features OpenPGP, one-time password, FIDO2/WebAuthn, FIDO U2F, and smart card support.

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