Xbox boss says company has 'no plans' for streaming-only console

Yolanda Curtis
August 19, 2019

That new console only allows users to download digital game.

While the games industry is getting increasingly invested in streaming, don't expect to see Microsoft follow Google in creating a streaming-only console. A cloud Scarlett would have allowed game streaming such as from Microsoft's Project xCloud. Instead, Microsoft is working on a super powerful Xbox One successor, dubbed Project Scarlett, which it teased at E3.

Microsoft executive and Xbox lead, Phil Spencer, has said that although cloud gaming is an "inevitable" part of the gaming landscape and its future, it won't replace traditional console gaming anytime soon as that "just isn't the world we live in today". The team wants games to load fast and run at the highest frame-rate possible. "If you want to buy an Xbox, if you want to play Minecraft on a PlayStation, I want to make sure that comes to you there". I think maybe some people thought that that was the disc-less one that we just shipped.

As we touched on earlier this week, Spencer used the same interview to say Microsoft's focus for Scarlett is on high FPS and performance efficiency. As we move towards the next generation of Xbox, concerns have cropped up over what will happen to all of these unique Xbox One controller variants. How fast do [games] load?

Even though it might seem like the gaming industry is switching to streaming with Google's Stadia leading the way, Microsoft's head of Xbox Phil Spencer has chose to announce that we shouldn't expect to see a streaming-only console. Do I feel like I can get into the game as fast as possible and while it's playing?

"We are not working on a streaming-only console right now..."

Of course, the Xbox One featured a solid collection of backward compatible games, including several classics from both the 360 and the original Xbox.

"Another thing that will be a little bit new for us is the fact that we want to also respect the compatibility of the controllers that you already have". It'd be online-only, streaming-only, and without any of the other local capabilities of the Xbox One, and probably would provide a lesser experience.

Also, the first confirmed launch title for the new console is going to be Halo Infinite.

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